Aster novae

(New England Aster)

Aster novae is a vibrant purple or pink wildflower, with brilliant yellow spotting its middle. Beware, it's a big one. This is the largest of all the Asters, growing to almost eight feet tall, so Aster novae should be planted well behind your smaller wild flowers. New England Aster blooms late, so don't fret if you don't see purple by August.
Aster novae is a large fellow who loves open meadows, roadsides and streams and will be over-joyed to make itself a backdrop for your new rain garden. New England Aster is prevelant in, you guessed it, New England, but can be found in northeast, central and southeast North America. Aster novae can tolerate some shade, so don't worry about your home shading it a little.