Growing from Seed

Wet Meadow

A wet meadow is an area of low lying ground our areas along the edges of streams or ponds that may stay moist or marshy nearly all the time. Wet meadow areas have slowly been eaten away by urbun sprawl and been drained for commercial farming. Many homes are now built on the sloping edges of streams, creeks, ponds, rivers, and lakes. These are the perfect places to plant a wet meadow or large rain garden. Here they would serve the same purpose as the customary rain garden, but halting erosion of the slope and sequestering the chemicals that would normally wash from our yards and gardens and into the water cycle.

There are a few schools of thought on growing from seed.

Some say it's easy to grow wildflower seed, some say it's not so easy, but if your heart and passion is in something it should never be hard. As mentioned before wildflowers have spent thousands of years growing and seeding themselves in their own native habitat (ie. your backyard). They are accustomed to the conditions they evolved in. However, not being an expert, I'd like to recommend you visit this website for more information.

Finding the right mix for a rain garden.

Try these seedballs for easy propogation!

There are no mixes currently available for rain gardens. That being said I would like to recommend a company known as Great Basin Seeds. They offer a special program that prepares seed for you according to your exact specifications, such as your region, what you're using them for (here you would mention that you're using them to create a rain garden or wet meadow), where on your property the garden would be placed (ie. shade, sun). You might even mention your desire to attract butterflies or hummingbirds so that they can throw in those extra species to entice these lovely animals.

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Also try seeds:

1) By the region you live in.
2) Or by need. (Ie. shade)
3) By the animals you wish to attract. (butterflies and hummingbirds).

Growing in a greenhouse

You can learn how to build, maintain and grow wildflowers from seed in your own greenhouse by following the informative articles on every aspect of greenhouse growing in the Greenhouse Growing Guide.