Wildflower seed to fill your needs and desires

The Importance of Location?

Species evolves to fill empty niches that are available in nature. No matter the continent, there is never an empty niche that is not being exploited in some way by a given species, from whales that evolved back into creature's of the sea to exploit niches left open in past extinctions to fungus that long ago learned to exploit rotting material. The same goes for plants. Some have evolved to live in the canopies of the rain forest, their roots never touching the ground. Other's evolved to struggle for life on the side of a cliff. That being said, you should take some care in choosing your wildflowers. Evaluate your garden area. Is it shady or full sun or maybe sun in the mornings but not in the evening or visa versa. This is an important factor in choosing the proper plants if you want to have a truly successful garden. Om the flip side many of the species can be very versatile. They may prefer full sun, but actually would be okay with sun part of the day. So, don't let the guidelines detour you from trying out a species you may really like. There is a large variety of plants in the lists on this website and there are some for each situation.

I Like Purple Flowers

It's not unheard of for people to get this picky. Some like the smell of evening blooming flowers or the various shades of purple some may display. You can construct a rain garden using these specifics or you can buy seedpackets to fullfill such needs. However they may or may not do well in a raingarden.

Click the pictures below for a some various seed mixtures:

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