What About Mosquitos?

World's #1 Disease Carrier

Mosquitos are a blight on modern living. Only God knows, what role these little buggers play in the circle of life. They bite and make itchy bumps, but that's not the worst of it. Mosquitos are responsible for such diseases as: Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile, Yellow Fever and so many more. Mosquitoes also affect man's best friends. Dogs get heart worms and Parvo from mosquitoes. A very good reason to keep you animals' vaccinations and heartworm preventative up to date.

Where do Mosquitoes Come From?

Mosquitoes seem to suddenly appear from no where once the temperatures start reaching into the 80's. It's like one day is a clear and beautiful spring day and the next day you can't hardly step out the door without being surrounded by a flock of them. Mosquitoes feed on human blood and lay their eggs in standing water. The stillest most sheltered puddle of water the better and they don't care how stagnant it gets. The larval form of the mosquito hatches into the water where it eventually forms into a voracious adult mosquito. The more stagnant water standing around the more mosquitoes there will be. Unfortunately many mosquitoes spend the winter locked into their eggs or in suspended animation in the leaf litter, just waiting for the first spring meal of blood.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Spraying the yard with poisons is a gaurunteed way to kill off most native insects along with the target pest. The best way to prevent Mosquito infestation it to remove all standing puddles of water or containers where water can collect. Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in buckets, tires or sandboxes. If there is standing water there it's fair game. So make sure all of these are removed from you property. The water in your bird baths should be changed regularly or at least moving as in a fountain. Mosquitoes don't do well in moving water. The rain garden is another wonderful way to control mosquitoes. Water may stand in your garden after a good rain, but is quickly taken up by garden plants. The rain garden has been referred to as a mosquito trap, because mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water of the floor of the rain garden, but the water disappears too quickly to allow the adult mosquitoes to develop. So take joy in your beautiful new native habitat mosquito trap. For other places where you may have standing water there are some healthy non-toxic solutions to control mosquitoes at ecosafety products.