Organic gardening is the way to go in your new Rain Garden

Organic Fertlizer

Give organic gardening a try as you begin growing your rain gardens and wet meadows. Native plants do not generally need to be maintained in the same way that an exotic flower bed would. Native plants evolved to fit their ecosystem. Sometimes, though, there are situations that call for a little intervention. You may be working with a yard or spot that has been "over-worked", such as by raking and bagging leaves or bagging grass. This sort of activity removes essential nutrients from the soil, depleting the ground for future growing, so you may need to fertilize with an organic fertilizer.

Bugs Giving You an Ulcer?

Invasive species of insects and slugs can devestate native plant life. Normally, other native species, bird and bug, would keep the pests in check, but urbunization has removed all the habitat essential for their survival. With the native pest control crew gone, your bug problem explodes. Planting a rain garden will lure them back soon, but until then you need to protect those precious plants. Be sure and use an organic pest control .

Weeds, Arrg!

Dandelions are one of the most invasive species alive and they are killing out native species. But dandelions are just one example. A lot of our so called "exotics" have also begun to consume or native habitats. While pulling weeds is probably the most organic way to rid yourself of unwanted plants it can be time consuming and, let's face it, put's quite a strain on the fingers after awhile. There organic gardening solution to this problem as well: organic weed killers .

Protect the Natives.

Be sure and use organic gardening solutions for ALL of your gardening needs. After all you're building a rain garden or a wet meadow, for some of you, which means you're making an attempt at creating a natural, safe spot for your family and the neighborhood wildlife. Why ruin that with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer?

There is a better way! Organic Gardening

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