Organic Weed Killer

Herbicides are bad for you and the environment.

As with pesticides, herbicides can be encredibly hard on the environment. Herbicides have been connected with cancers and with destroying beneficial wildlife. Not only that but herbicides kill plants that are important to native wild-life for food and shelter. Think before you spray. To better understand the terrible affect of herbicides on the environment, here is an extreme case . Now of course, you won't be dealing with cases this extreme, but even small amounts of poison can have an affect on your body and the bodies of your children. These chemicals have been shown to cause genetic mutation. The USDA is concerned enough that they have begun addressing the problem and finding solutions and alternatives.

So what are some organic weed killers?

Let me tell you there was nothing stranger than driving down the road and seeing someone burning weeds out of the ground with a flame thrower, but there it was and apparently it works because the Gardener's Supply Company has it for sale.

More Organic Weed Killers

Throwing fire around is something not everyone would be comfortable with. If so there is another answer. Vinager. Yep, that little jar of vinegar still sitting untouched on your top shelf from the days when we colored easter eggs with it. Get it out and use it. There are products available today that use this solution. Dead Eye is one of the best. Still skeptical? Need proof of this organic weed killer?

Corn Gulten

Corn Gluten is the protein portion of corn and it retards the root growth of many weeds. Not sure how to go about using vinegar or corn glutten? You're in luck. There are a variety of products already mixed and ready for you guiltless use. Once again you should check out what Garden's Alive has in stock for this purpose.

Try DeadEye!

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