Southeast and Deep South Trees and Shrubs

Gelsimium sempervirens or Carolina Jessamine has beautiful, lily-like yellow flowers that blooms early in the spring. Carolina Jessamine is a beautiful evergreen vine, growing up to 20 feet long, and dwelling manly in swampland. It was once used medicinally by Native Americans.

Ilex cassine is a shrub or small tree, normally called Dahoon Holly. Dahoon grows to about 30 feet and blooms with tiny white flowers in the spring. In the fall and winter it is covered, like any other holly, in bright red berries. it tolerates shade well and, of course, standing water.

Ilex decidua is another holly bush that grows 8 to 12 feet tall. It's common name is Possumpaw. The female of the species keeps bright red berries all through the winter, after blooming with small yellowish-green flowers in early spring. Ilex decidua naturally grows in floodplain forests.

Ilex verticillata is better known as Winterberry Holly or Common Winterberry. Winterberry grows to about 8 feet with an 8 foot spread. Small white flowers appear in early summer, producing fruit quickly, but only if both male and female plants are in close proximity. The fruit are another excellent source of food for wildlife.

Ilex vomitoria is another small holly tree more commonly known as Yaupon Holly. Yaupon grows 20 to 25 feet tall and blooms in the early spring with tiny white flowers. The small, red Holly berries appear in the fall and persist into winter. Yaupon does well in full sun or part shade.

Magnolia grandiflora is another lovely Southeastern tree more commonly known as Southern Magnolia or Bull Bay. Southern Magnolia is a large tree, growing 60 to 90 feet tall and boasting the wonderful, pure white magnolia flowers.