Wildflower Seed By Region

Wildflowers Prefer Particular Habitats.

There are many different habitats in the world and particularly in North America. This planet ranges from desert with the soil consisting mainly of sand to marshland that can be knee deep in water at all times. A lot of this land has been disrupted or completely undone by human activity. You may live in an area that was once marsh yourself and not realize it. Sometimes the lawns and homes that cover this old land can disguise its true nature, but the fact is that wetland is still wetland no matter what may be there today. The region in which you live will continue to receive the rains and droughts and other natural processes it would have despite the acres of urbinization.

Wildflowers Like to Be at Home

This is why it is important to choose wildflowers and other native vegetation that evolved to live and thrive in your area. People have long tried to grow exotics outside of their native habitats. Sometimes this has been moderately successful. Other times it has been a complete failure and people have no choice but to keep them inside. And finally this tactic has been a little too successful, having dire affects on the native habitats around your home. Aliens transplanted from othe continents can and do take over habitat, pushing out native plant species. Take the Dandelion as an example anyone would recognize. This much hated weed is not originally from North America, but has nearly taken over this country. As native plant species lose their hold native wildlife suffers, because they rely on their native plants for food and shelter.

Just Don't Do It

Sticking with natives is one of the best things you can do for mother nature and for yourself. Native simply don't require the diligence that exotics do and they help to restore a little bit of the native habitat that was lost, thus helping to secure a future for native wildlife.

There are no seed packs available as of yet specifically prepared for a rain garden. However, we are currently working to remedy this. Until then, please find regional seed offers at the links below.

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