Attract Bats: The Pest Control Master

Bats: The Ultimate Insecticide!

Attract BATS??!! I see your noses crinkling up on me, but keep an open mind. The point? Bats love insects, especially mosquitos, moths and a host of other flying insects. Not only that but a lot of bats eat fruit and nectar and have become a very important pollinator and seed spreader. They are invaluable to a lot of plant species, such as the banana and the saguaro cactus. As you people out in Arizona are well aware the Saugauro is very endangered. Without them many fragile native species would quickly become extinct. Rest assured no blood eating vampire bat will make its way into your yard or find a way to feast on you blood! Over the years bat's have truly gotten a bad rap. If you remain truly interested in this bugger, read everything there is to possibly know about them from Jim Buzzbee.

Making a Place for Bats

Bat houses are a good way to attract bats into your garden, without encouraging them to live in your home. Give them leave and one little brown bat will eat more than 3000 mosquitos in one night. And no, they will not tangle in your hair or even want anything to do with you. If you leave them be they will help maintain a bug free space around you home all night long. If you're still interested and decide to give this animal a try be sure and follow the strict guidelines for placement and construction of your bat house. If you're good with your hands why not try building your own house to attract bats.

If you're more interested in purchasing a bat house look for a few at Main Street Seed and Supply.