California Plants for Rain Garden

or the California Polypody, is in fact a fern. This California plant blooms early in the spring. Polypody prefers full shade and also tends to grow in rock crevaces. Polypodium californicum is a fairly small fern, with fronds little more than a foot long.

The scientific name of California Black-Flowering Sedge is Carex nudata. This is a beautiful member of the Native California Plants. This sedge does flower with black spikes in the later winter or very early spring. Carex nudata grows up to 2 and half feet and enjoys full sun, but tolerates part shade.

Juncus patens is also known as California Gray Rush or Spike, or Common Rush. This grass is generally found in seeps or springs and can grow to about knee height. This California plant prefers full sun and does blooms with small yellow flowers.