California Wildflowers

Aristolochia californica
California Pipevine

Aristolochia californica has a variety of other common names including: Dutchman's pipevine, and Sierre Giant Pipevine. As can be inferred this is large vining plant that prefers full shade. Pipevine has unusual bowl shaped flowers that serve as host to the larval swallowtail butterfly.

Delphinium glaucum
Tower Delphinium

This California wildflower is more commonly known as Tall Larkspur. Its tall spikes, covered in purple blooms, have been seen all the way to Alaska. Tower Delphinium's little cup shaped flowers are the kind any hummingbird would seek. Larkspur blooms pretty late, July-August.

Dicentra formosa
Pacific Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa is a modest flower growing to less than two feet. Bleeding Heart has rosy, little flowers that droop like any other bleeding heart and beautiful fern-like foliage. This California wildflower prefers full sun unless summers are relentless in which case it will need some shade part of the day. Hummingbirds love this bleeding heart early in the season.

Epipactis gigantea
Stream Orchid

Epipactis gigantea boasts flowers that are just as unusual as on any other orchid, but this orchid, unlike the others, is easy to grow. Stream Orchid obviously prefers stream banks and other wet places. It enjoy part sun to full sun. Epipactis gigantea's flowers are a modest and yellowish to brown in color and bloom in the early spring.

Mimulus cardinalis
Scarlet Monkey Flower

Mimulus cardinalis is another smallish wildflower, growing just 3 foot tall. This is another hummingbird magnent and can be very prolific with its seed. It is tolerant of a variety of soil types and sun or shade. The Scarlet Monkey Flower is a beautiful red flower that blooms in the late summer to early fall.

Mimulus primuloides
Primrose Monkey Flower

Mimulus primuloides is also known as the Little Yellow Monkey Flower or Monkey Moss. It blooms in the late summer. Primrose Monkey Flower grows low almost flat to the ground with bundles of yellow flowers. It does well in full sun and flooding, thus the reason it is ideal for rain gardens.

Rudbeckia californica
California Coneflower

This California wildflower grows tall to complement some of these other tiny wildflowers. It can reach heights of five feet. Like other Rudbeckia this member of the sunflower family is large and yellow with a cone shaped center. California Coneflower is also know as Western Black-eyed Susan or Yellow Coneflower.