Eupatorium maculatum

(Joe-Pye Weed)

Eupatorium maculatum or Joe-Pye Weed obviously does not have a very glamorous name, but don't let Joe-Pye fool you, this wildflower boasts delicate pinkish to purple wildflowers with deep, dark green foliage. Like so many others, this particular wildflower grows from the midwest and eastward with the exception of the deep south and southern Florida. Joe-Pye blooms in late summer with White Turtlehead, so this pair will brighten your garden while you awate the fall bloomers. Eupatorium maculatum is known as spotted Joe-Pye Weed to many because of purple spots on its stems. This wildflower grows to a variety of heights, 2 all the way to 6 feet. It might be a good idea to pinch it back in the fall to keep its height in check. Joe-Pye grows thickly in wet meadows, fenns and marshes and does well in part shade all the way to full sun, thus its inclusion on the rain garden list.