Southern Florida Wildflowers

Helenium pinnatifidum
Everglades Daisy

This flower may be more familiar to southern floridians as Southeastern Sneezeweed. It is prevelant throughout the bogs and everglades of Florida and is seen in nearly every Southern county. This little yellow wild flower looks a lot like a sunflower perched on a leafless stalk. The Everglades Daisy prefers wet place, thus it's recommendation as rain garden plant and thrives in nutrient poor soil. Consequently, it will need little care, such as fertilizer.

Lobelia glandulosa
Glades Lobelia

Glade Lobelia is a beautiful purple wildflower of southern Florida. Lobelia glandulosa grows in the same habitats as the Everglades Daisy, making it a must for any southern Florida rain garden, especially since this wildflower is listed as endangered by the USDA.

Sabatia species
Marsh Pinks

The name of these dainty wildflowers speaks for itself. They are indeed pink and they do live in a marsh thus making them ideal for the rain garden. One of the main species is Marsh Pink blooms late throughout marshy areas through Florida as well as along the Atlantic coast from Pennsylvania down to Florida and westward along the gulfcoast to Louisana. A second sepcies is Sabatia angularis or Rose Pink. This one is just as vibrantly pink and grows low and is seen often outside of Florida. The third species is Sabatia campanulata.