Liatris pycnostachya

(Prairie Blazing Star)

(Gay Feather, Button Snakeroot)

Liatris pycnostachya is grass-like with a spikey head full of feathery lilac flowers that fade to white at the top. Blazing Star grows to a medium height of two to five feet so be careful not to plant it behind Aster novae but not too close to the front to overwhelm your little Golden Alexanders. Liatris is another late bloomer (July). Liatris pycnostachya will be quick to draw the butterflies. Prairie Blazing Star loves prairie, especially in the Ozarks, but again this a wildflower that will happily inhabit most gardens throughout the midwest and eastward. It also prefers full sunlight. This butterfly magnet is a must for every rain garden and is loved by many birds. The only problem with this wildflower: spikes so heavy with flowers that they need staking.