Lobelia cardinalis

(Cardinal Flower)

No, Lobelia cardinalis doesn't look like a cardinal but it is a rich, vibrant red. The hummingbirds love this gorgeous example of natural, untouched beauty. Cardinal flower's red blooms pop on a long stalk like firecrackers from July to October. This encredible example of natural beauty can be grown throughout nearly the entire US with the acception of the upper North West. This flower remains rather small as wild flowers go, just 2-5 feet tall and should occupy a prominate possition in your garden. This is a rare beauty and little seen, even in untouched areas. It doesn't care much wether it's shady, sunny, wet or dry, but prefers a sunny, marshy spot. Lobelia cardinalis is a deadly beauty, bearing veins filled with nicotine-like alkyloids, so no eating you daredevils out there. Like many other wildflowers, blooms in late summer, right when your kids should be preparing to go back to school. Lobelia cardinalis has been dying off as it's natural wetland habitat is taken over for development, so give this rare wildflower a home and give it a chance to regain it's former glory.