Monarda fistulosa

(Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm)

Monarda fistulosa is yet another native herb used to make a tea. The fumes were often inhaled to soothe repiratory complaints. Wild Bergamot is much like Mountain Mint. It grows to a modest height of 3 feet and boasts stems topped by rosy flowers that are feathery in nature. Monarda fistulosa has aromatic leaves that will fill your gardens with pleasurable scents. Natives used the leaves to flavor their food and as an edible green. This wildflower tolerates light shade, but propogates much more readily in the full sun. It blooms early so it is a must to compliment you garden while you await the late bloomers. Bee Balm grows throughout much of the western United States, including Missouri with the exception of California. Wild Bergamot is a favorite among gardeners focusing on attracting butterflies and it propogates easily from seed.