My Garden

by Suzanne

I have always wanted to have a garden of my own, no matter how small or big. The idea was to come from work and relax there while watering the plants. However, none of the places I lived in provided the space to do so.

Now, this new place I just moved into has ample space at the back where I can fulfill my dream. I have already thought of many great ideas and can't wait to start off!

The square place I have at the back is all concrete. So, to achieve my dream, I thought about getting a lot of plants, pots, trays and other such items. Basically, I longed for a greenery enriched place which I hadn't been able to manage in the past.

My garden will have hanging plants because it gives such a lovely, cozy look! I have already decided on two beautiful relaxing white chairs and a lovely looking antique table on which I will set my miniature water fountain.

I know I do not have a lot of time to spare so I will opt for plants that require least effort and time. Hardy, perennial plants that are not climate sensitive and cacti are some great options.

The idea is that I will enjoy my Sundays chilling here, sipping iced tea and savoring a good book, instead of just curling up on my couch like I normally do.

I learned a bit of gardening when I lived with my grandfather for about three months. This was the time when I was just 19 and went to spend one summer vacation with him. My mom who used to visit him frequently couldn't go because of our house renovations, had requested me to go instead.

He was a dear old fellow with a green thumb. He loved his plants and could spend hours by himself in his garden. Needless to say, his garden always looked straight out of a gardening magazine. It was during those months, that I learned whatever I know today about plants. He taught me how to cut and prune, trim and sow, save seeds, protect plants from rain and snow, and most importantly how to simply love nature.

His lessons are all coming back to me now and I am pretty confident I will be able to do a swell job on my very own private paradise- my own rain garden!!!

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