Parthenium integrifolium

(Wild Quinine)

(American Feverfew)

Parthenium is Greek for virgin. Parthenium integrifolium was so named for the odd fact that some of its flowers are sterile. Wild Quinine flowers in May and then all throughout the season so look for its litte white flower to greet the spring. Parthenium integrifolium is a little one, not more than two feet tall, so give it a cozy pocket in the front of your garden. With the tall ones behind to shade it, it is good that Wild Quinine can easily tolerate shade. This little gem prefers the east of the continent to the west, but don't hesitate to give it a try. As the name implies American Feverfew was once used to treat fevers as well as coughs and sore throats. Parthenium integrifolium is still a favorite among herbalists and is being tested for its possible immune boosting qualities. One small word of warning: Wild Quinine may cause dermititis in those who are allergic.