Rain Chains

What the heck are rain chains?

That's what I asked myself when I rn across them as I was researching. Since then I have learned that rain chains are exactly as their name implies. It is a chain, often made of copper that rain flows down from the roof. From the roof it is funneled into a barrel or a pot for later use. The Japanese used these devices hundreds of years ago to help them gather and keep water. Today they are a beautiful artistic outlet for many people, coming not just in chains but in columns of exquisite little cups that will help you save rain water for coming drought-filled months, or even to beautifully guide water into your rain gardens that are just waiting for the overflow to fill their basin.

The Soothing Sound of Running Water

Many people delight in the soft sounds of the running water. The display of copper filled with flowing water is beautiful enough that many people employ them in their fung shui efforts to a simpler more peaceful life. Rain chains are truly nature at its best. Wind and Weather has two beautiful rain chains in its outdoor living section. For a greater selection try Yardiac's outdoor accents, found in the store directory under garden center.

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