Salvia azurea

(Pitcher or Blue Sage)

Salvia azurea is a lovely medium-sized plant with fern-like foliage and soft little blue flowers . This is one more of those wonderful wildflowers butterflies will adore. Salvia azurea is a late bloomer, not reaching full height of two to five feet until midsummer. It prefers the full sun, but at times will tolerate light shade. The roots of Blue Sage can penetrate up to eight feet down and spread slowly, so be sure where you want this beauty and it will grace your rain garden for years to come. As this wildflower grows it may tend to droop and lean on neighbors so be sure to get sturdy neighbors. Blue Sage is a commom wildflower throughout Oklahoma and Texas, but give it a chance further north. Salvia azurea is an absolute must for a rain garden as it baby blue wild flower reflect the blue of the sky.