Solidago rigida

(Stiff Goldenrod)

Solidago rigida is a plant spotted with small yellow or gold flowers and is a late bloomer(July-October). Goldenrod is a small to medium wildflower, not more than five feet tall. Contrary to popular belief Stiff Goldenrod will not tickle you nose. No allergies here. This plant does not release its pollen, but waits for the lovely little butterflies to do the job. Solidago rigida was once used in lotions to treat bee stings. This wonderful wildflower grows in thickets and on borders of wet meadows and is ideal for naturalizing your world. Stiff Goldenrod truly does best with full sun. These beautiful golden flowers will break up the bundles of purple and blue. Solidago rigida not only attracts butterflies, but goldfinches that love its little seeds. The thick oval leaves of this plant are almost more attractive than its spattering of golden flowers.