Veronicastrum virginicum

(Culver's Root)

Veronicastrum virginicum is a tall plant that flourishes throughout missouri and neighboring states in a variety of habitats. Like Feverfew, Culver's root was also once employed medicinally. Though commonly white, Veronicastrum virginicum can come in shades of pink. This isn't the showiest of plants, with its tiny white flowers perched on a spike, bit it will add a spash of light to your garden. It blooms throughout the summer on wet, open ground. Veronicastrum virginicum tolerates shade well and blooms in mid to late summer. Culver's root can get rather tall so make sure it gets a middle to back placing. This delicate white wildflower flourishes in the miwest and eastward. One last little fact: Culver's Root was named for an early american physician, Dr. Coulvert, when he began using the plant medicinally to treat kidney stones, and fainting.